CountZero's Mulhorand D&D 3.5 Campaign

Adventure, the First

Work had been slow of late for the Skuld Adventurer’s Guild, with only barely enough to keep all the members occupied, fed, and with a roof over their heads. Then one day, word reached the guild and it’s guildmaster, the Paladin Dareh Najjar of a caravan of silver that had been attacked. A single caravan guard escaped with his life and returned to Skuld, though he was near-dead by the time he reached the city.

The shipment had been financed by Mantie Agorwal, proprietor of Mantie’s Blades and Kouros Haramis, the current guildmaster of the Skuld Mining Guild. The caravan guard, a man by the name of Vahid Basara worked for the city’s Shipping Guild (headed by a woman named Suri Kassab) and is currently trying to recover from his wounds in the temple of Horus-Re.

When Vahid returned with his tale, Mantie turned to Skuld’s Adventurer’s Guild and enlisted Dareh’s aid, which is where the players enter the scene. Mantie offered the players 200 gp each + any non-ore acquisitions to determine what happened to the caravan and deal with the threat.

Prior to leaving, Maurieen visited Vahid in the temple of Horus-Re. Through his fevered mutterings, he warned them about goblins and rats. Maurieen and Calim journeyed toward Silverton. About a half day prior to their arrival (on the second day), they found the site of the ambush. Several pools of blood, 3 dead horses marked the site of the ambush. Calim found faint, small footprints leading to the north east where the blood pools dragged toward.

They continued on to Silverton and spoke to Laglidin Cladinias, who was the head of the mining guilld outpost in the town. He marked the mine where the caravan containing that shipment came from. Maurieen and Calim stayed the night at the Silver Cup Inn.

Leaving Silverton early in the morning, Maurieen and Calim went back to the site of the ambush to trace the trail from there to the northeast to find the source. They made camp for one night, and in her watch in the second half of the evening, Maurieen heard some faint screeching on the wind almost like multiple sources doing so. They were so faint, however, that no action was taken. On the following day, the pair reached the mine that was supposedly closed due to a cave-in. Entering the mine tunnel, the pair found a hidden door that had been concealed to look like part of the cave-in. They were immediately assaulted by 4 goblins and while sustaining a few injuries from the lucky goblinoids, dispatched them in superb fashion. Leading out of the room were a door and, thanks to Calim’s skill in finding things, a hidden door.


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