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“I am Elminster of Shadowdale, called by some the Old Sage, and called far worse things by others. I’ve walked these realms for over a thousand years. Yet, I am far from the oldest, wisest, or mightiest being to walk the ground of Faerûn with my well-worn boots—and that is truth. But if ye learn the long history of my deeds, ye’ll know precisely what I stand for and what I am. And that’s a rare and precious thing, knowing yourself. Do ye know exactly what ye stand for?

“Adventurer, I am Elminster, and I say to ye that these forgotten realms are yours to discover, reforge, and defend, yours to make anew in winning your own crown. Go forth and take up arms against the perils that beset us!”

  • Elminster Aumar, Archmage of Shadowdale

Welcome to CountZero’s Mulhorand D&D 3.5 Campaign

Mulhorand is one of the Old Empires in eastern Faerûn. The Mulhorandi were brought to Toril from Earth by the Imaskar Empire looking for some manpower. After countless praises, Ao contacted Ptah who led a part of the Mulhorandi pantheon to Toril. Ironically, their rival in the millennia to come was another human tribe captured by the Imaskari at the same time, which founded the empire of Unther.

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