Mulhorand is one of the Old Empires in eastern Faerûn. The Mulhorandi were brought to Toril from Earth by the Imaskar Empire looking for some manpower. After countless praises, Ao contacted Ptah who led a part of the Mulhorandi pantheon to Toril. Ironically, their rival in the millennia to come was another human tribe captured by the Imaskari at the same time, which founded the empire of Unther.

History of Mulhorand

Arrival, Slavery and Freedom

In response to a plague that killed much of its people, the Imaskar Empire captured over one hundred thousand humans through the use of two portals opened to another world. These portals were then closed and all connections between the two worlds were sealed; the captured Mulan peoples were enslaved by the Imaskari.

The Imaskari barrier inhibited contact between the Mulan and their deities. However, Ao intervened and allowed mortal manifestations of these deities to bypass the barrier and enter Toril directly. The deities battled the Imaskari, eventually defeating them in the year -2488 DR. The divine manifestations founded the nation of Mulhorand in -2135 DR, as well as the rival nation of Unther in -2087 DR.

In -1967 DR, war broke out between Mulhorand and Unther. The conflict ended in -1961 DR when the ruling deities agreed upon the River of Swords as a common border between their two nations.

The Orcgate War

In the year -1081 DR the Theurgist Adept Thayd opened a portal to a world populated by gray orcs. Thayd was executed shortly after for inciting rebellion, and the portal remained forgotten until discovered by the orcs. In the year -1076 DR, the humanoids invaded Mulhorand and Unther, beginning what later became known as the Orcgate Wars.

The invading orcs possessed the ability to summon the avatars of their deities. The divine manifestations of the Mulhorandi and Untheric pantheons faced those of the orc pantheon in what later became known as the Battle of the Gods, a clash that resulted in the death of the Mulhorandi deity Re at the hands of Gruumsh in -1071 DR. The conflict continued until the Mulhorandi and Untheric pantheons allied to defeat the invading force in -1069 DR.

Decline and Recovery

In the wake of the Orcgate Wars, Mulhorand began a prolonged decline in power. Its daughter states broke free and formed the nations of Murghôm, Semphar, and Thay. This decline continued until the Time of Troubles, at which time the Imaskari barrier was dissolved by Ao. The divine manifestations that had ruled for centuries rejoined their primary essences; Mulhorand was ruled by a true mortal king for the first time in its history. After a brief upheaval, the nation stabilized under the rule of the clergy.

Invasion of Unther (1371 DR – 1379 DR)

In response to the death of Unther’s manifest deity Gilgeam the Tyrant, the pharaoh Horustep III allowed the clerics of Anhur to cross the River of Swords and invade their long time rival nation. Assisted by a mercenary company, the Gold Swords, Mulhorand invaded Unther in 1371 DR. Although the initial invasion met with great success, fighting fell down to low-level skirmishes for years until 1379 DR, when the Mulhorandi launch one final wave of conquest, swallowing the weakened empire.


Skuld is the capital of Mulhorand. Skuld is also recognized as the oldest continually inhabited city in Faerûn. Gheldaneth is a port city that houses Mulhorand’s Great University and the Wizard College. Sultim is Mulhorand’s largest port, and the center of the worship of Anhur. Neldorild is relatively new and constantly growing. Its community serves as a retreat for both the wealthy and retired. Mishtan is a town ruled by the church of Osiris. It serves as the home of the Mulhorandi that work to expand the nearby Land of the Dead.

The Mulhorandi Pantheon

The Mulhorandi pantheon consisted of the deities worshipped in Mulhorand. Their domain was Heliopolis. When the Imaskari captured the Mulan people and brought them to Toril, the slaves also brought the worship of their deities. With help from Ao, these deities were able to follow their worshipers and end their servitude.

The Mulhorandi pantheon is comprised of:

Greater Deities

Intermediate Deities

Lesser Deities



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